Apostle Ulysses Tuff
Apostle Ulysses Tuff

Apostle Ulysses Tuff

Apostle Ulysses Tuff is the pastor and founder of The Way, The Truth and The Life Christian Center, Inc. The center is located in Decatur, Georgia.


A visionary, Apostle Tuff also founded The Giver of Life Institute of Ministerial Training, The Giver of Life Mission School, The Giver of Life Christian Academy and The Giver of Life Ministerial Association.


Apostle Tuff has received a mandate from God to spread the Gospel of Good News around the world. He is diligent in his efforts and as a result, his prophetic teaching ministry has become international! More than 590 churches are under the umbrella of his covering. Locations include the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Great Britain, Moscow, Ukraine, Belarus, Haiti, Africa, Republic of Latvia and United States.


Apostle Tuff holds a BA degree from Morehouse College, a T-4 and M.Ed. from Georgia State University and a B.S.L. and M.Div. from Logos Bible College and Graduate School.


For years, supernatural wonders have been the character of Apostle Tuff’s ministry. He along with his wife Deborah, co-pastor the Atlanta-based church. They have been married more than 30 years and have five wonderful children: Maurice, Forrest, Raegan, Marcus and Deborah Elizabeth. Together the Tuffs are setting a remarkable standard in ministry around the world!

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